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Feb 27, 2014

Bet Shemesh elections: can you deal with music on Shabbos?

I "get" the message of the other signs being put up for Moshe Abutbol's campaign... but this one I just don't "get".. can someone please explain it to me?

Here's my problem with understanding it:
if someone wants to play music on Shabbos, they can already do so now. If they don't wan to play music, is Eli Cohen going to force them to?

and, if someone does play music, and I assume there are already some people who do (let's call generously call it about a quarter of the city), am I going to suddenly start hearing it just because Eli Cohen became mayor?

And, are they saying that Eli Cohen will come and blast music out in Park Ayalon from major speakers on Shabbos?

what is this sign warning me about?

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