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Feb 25, 2014

The Breslav reason for the uprising in Ukraine

What's going on in the Ukraine is very disturbing. The human tragedy is horrible, and the increase, or maybe just the increase in it being more open, in anti-semitism, has the Jews fearing their fates more than others.

That being said, I find it humorous, and perhaps sad, that the Breslav community in Uman has found a reason on which to ascribe the bloody uprising. The Breslav community has said that what has happened is a punishment directly from the tzaddik Rebbe Nachman because of the attempt to prevent Jews from visiting the grave by considering to charge an entry fee. The prime minister himself had to run away from the country, and he personally had supported the idea of the entry fee.
source: Kooker

I gave up pointing out every time someone plays God's spokesperson, knows the reasons for this or that tragedy or tragic event. This one deserves mention. Because they considered charging an entry fee to Rebbe Nachmans grave complex, so dozens of people, Jews included, are being killed in an uprising? Couldnt the prime minister who supported it, or the minister who promoted it, have lost all their money as punishment? Maybe be caught in some criminal activity that would disgrace them and make them resign or got o jail - but the whole country has to undergo a bloody uprising because one stinking anti-semite minister wanted to charge an entry fee?

If someone feels compelled to give an explanation or reason behind any given event or tragedy that happens, I would really like to see that person employ some careful thought and analysis and make solid connections, rather than just throw out whatever issue is closest to that persons heart.

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  1. I don't think it's hard to put both together. That idea of the gzera of 100$ a day visitors tax was evil, pure and simple. That country is full of corruption, just ask your random 'Russian', most of whom actually came from there, and they will confirm that they have very little nice things to say about their former neighbours.


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