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Feb 18, 2014

funding for elections law but no vacation day

MK Moshe Gafni's (UTJ) proposed law was passed yesterday just in time for the elections in Bet Shemesh (and Nazareth). The law was pushed through at supersonic speed so that the parties would reap the benefits immediately.

Gafni's law was to provide government funding to parties for elections even when the elections are being run for a second time. The law until now did not provide such funding, which would have meant that all the funding, the second time around, would have to come out of the pockets of the parties and candidates themselves with no reimbursement.

Gafni's proposal was voted in with wide support - rare for a proposal from an opposition MK - because all the parties want to benefit from this funding, not just this or that party.

Unfortunately, the MKs did not take advantage of the timing and vote the proposal regarding muncipal elections being a vacation day into law at the same time. Looks like we still won't benefit from that one..

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  1. The national vacation day law can't possibly be applied to a redo in one municipality anyway.

  2. We are happy that more of our tax shekels are getting wasted due to some crooks who forced a reelection? Not me.


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