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Feb 27, 2014

Interesting Posts #534

1. final scream - beautifully written. many feel the same way...

2. lady pants

3. a shmittah dilemma

4. cancer: an equal opportunity provider

5. top ten sayings of Rav Shteinman

6. cholov yisrael milk in the UK.. is better?

7. exact text of new Israeli draft law.. or not

8. why the churban in Pkudei

9. he will kill us all!

10. the Ghostbusters analogy

11. violating the "aisle rule" in the Holy Land

12. new signs in Jerusalem

13. Jerusalem is now a break-dancing mecca - they mention someone who says he skipped out on the army so he could concentrate on dancing. he doesnt say how he got out of the army service, and I am curious..

14. Captain Sunshine to run for President - I think I am now one of the few people who have not announced candidacy..

15. is TOV good enough?

16. what we like about Kiryat Shmuel

17. do you really want German work visas that badly?

18. Jerusalem to teach taxi drivers English

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