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Feb 27, 2014

Queen Esther, Monical Lewinsky and Sara Netanyahu

When I first heard this on the radio, it sounded a bit funny and even desperate, and even the Haredi radio host was describing it as unbelievable.

The wives of the 18 Haredi MKs have drafted and sent a letter to Mrs. Sara Netanyahu comparing her to Queen Esther and pleading with her to use her influence with her husband to get the new draft law canceled.

In the letter they compare Mrs. Netanyahu to Queen Esther who appealed to her husband the king to save her nation, and they also point out that throughout our history many righteous women were responsible for saving our people. They also paraphrase Esther's famous words of perhaps reaching that point  just for the purpose of saving the Jews at that very time, and it implores her to use her influence to help prevent a tear in the nation and the harming of those who learn Torah.

While such a call seems pointless, one never knows from where the salvation will come. Yes, it sounds desperate, but yes, they are desperate.

It also reminded me of a more famous modern-day Queen Esther. I know someone (and I didn't ask him for permission to mention him so I am not saying his name) who says that Monica Lewinsky was a modern-day Queen Esther.

He points to the fact that Bill Clinton was making a big push to push the Israelis to give up a lot to make a peace deal when the story of his relationship with Lewinsky broke. When Clinton began a press conference to announce progress in the peace negotiations that would have launched more concessions, the first question asked was not about the negotiations, but about the breaking news of Monica Lewinsky. And that put an end to the negotiations, as he got caught up with dealing with that scandal and nobody cared about the Middle East anymore and Clinton didn't have time to deal with it.

So, who knows? Maybe Sara Netanyahu will be the next Queen Esther.

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  1. Maybe she's having an affair with Peres!

  2. Maybe Sara Netanyahu will be the next Queen Esther....
    Or maybe the chreidim should hire the services of ML


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