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Feb 17, 2014

Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau to allow women to become mashgichot

for someone who was considered the haredi candidate for the job, and was supported by the haredi parties, Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau is sure turning into a surprise. Granted, it is not that much of a surprise if you listened to him then when he said he is not particularly haredi, served in the army, says hallel on Yom Haatzmaut, style in psak, etc.. but remembering the fights during the election season for the chief rabbinate where he was regularly considered haredi, it is a surprise..

The latest from rabbi Lau is that he announced yesterday that he has absolutely no problem at all with women being appointed to jobs as mashgichot. He said that the involvement of the Supreme Court in the matter was entirely superfluous, as there is nothing that should prevent women from becoming mashgichot.
source: Kipa and INN

Of course he meant halachically. Until now the chief rabbis have postponed dealing with the issue and had never given a final response - just the bland "we are looking into it". Rabbi Lau's positive response is definitely a change of direction.

If Rabbi Lau is Haredi, sign me up!

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  1. Who will stop the shidduch crisis


  2. I was surprised when I found out they didn't accept female mashgichot in the first place. When I was I yeshiva bochur in South Africa, I did a hashgacha course, and most of the participants as well as the trainer were women. SA Beth Din has always allowed female mashgichot, and nobody has every had any issue with that.

  3. Rabbi Lau is definitely not Charedi. If you ever hear him speak or read anything he wrote that should be very clear (although he's not typical Religious-Zionist either)

    I think that the Charedim backed him in the election because they knew that if they didn't find a moderate candidate who would be able to win votes from people like the Mayors of Tel Aviv and Modi'in, they would be stuck the Rav Stav who would not be acceptable at all to them.


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