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Feb 25, 2014

Quote of the Day

I grew up in Tel Aviv in a shared house - haredim, datiim, secular, and we were traditional. on Shabbos my mother did not cook, but we turned on the lights. We drove, but not by the shul out of respect for the neighbors. And despite the fact that some of us went to Scouts, others to Bnei Akiva and I went to Beitar, we were all friends..
As Minister of Absorption I saw how new immigrants who arrived here because of the Law of Return received different treatment, and how difficult conversion was for one who wanted it, and here too I found that conversion was more important to me than it was to the Haredim.
I am happy that our lenient law of conversion has passed, though we have a long road ahead of us. For years we allowed the Haredim to take a monopoly over Judaism - but it is not just theirs. I am committed to this that everybody will be able to be Jewish in his own way.

  -- Minister of Justice Tzippi Livni, at a celebration of the anniversary of a religious-secular school in Modiin

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