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Feb 20, 2014

Proposed Law: Moran doesn't have to be a moron

We "Americans" in Israel (or all "Anglos" in general in Israel) often wonder how names like Moran, Dudu, Osnat and others can possibly be so common in Israel. Were the parents being abusive to their kids by giving them these names? Can you imagine Moran going abroad and telling someone her name is Moran? or Dudu?

Kids might no longer have to put up with it. MK Adi Kol (Yesh Atid) is proposing a law that would llow kids as young as 10 years old to register themselves for a name change. The child will be able to do so even if his or her parents are opposed to it. As well, parents will not be able to change a childs name without the agreement of the child. Kol's proposal passed its first reading in the Knesset yesterday by a vote of 45 in favor to 6 against.

Kol expllained that she proposed the law as a result of someone whose parents named her "Aveilut" - which means "mourning", in English. She obviously did not like that name. I wonder if perhaps her father was just hoping for a boy...
source: Israel Hayom

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  1. I like Osnat.
    Anything that Adi Kol raises should betaken with suspicion. Her main goal is to rid the country of tradition. Kids growing up with 'boring' names like Yaakov and Avraham will be allowed to change them?

  2. Who would name their newborn, tuhell? I have a great niece now with that name.

  3. and they did it while living in the USA!! not sure what they were thinking..

  4. I recall an article about nicknames among Israelis (or Israeli-derived names used by Jews) that mentioned that Yaakov, David, and Osnat sometimes obtain the nicknames "Yuckie," "Dudu," and "Snottie." I happen to like the name Osnat, but on the other hand having a name that could be given a strange nickname (especially "Snottie") could be a problem.


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