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Feb 26, 2014

Rabbanut kashrut update: Quaker Oats with Reform hechsher

The latest Rabbanut kashrut update has an important ntoice that I think might be relevant to readers of this blog...

Markets are carrying packages of Quaker Oats bearing an unauthorized kashrut certification. The symbol on these packages is a certification given by a Reform rabbi. The packages are imported by Einstein Tzur Imports, and the certification on them says "under the supervision of Raavad (Rav Av Beis Din) Rav Yehoram Mazor shlita". (in Hebrew)

This is an unauthorized hechsher, and the product should be treated as such.

Quaker Oats packages imported by Diplomat Imports under the certification of the KF kashrut agency with the ishur of the Rabbanut are still perfectly fine.

Pay attention to your labels...

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  1. do oats even need a hechsher?

    1. 1. Of course they don't
      2. Why is this hechsher 'unauthorized'? Are you saying that Mazor's name was put on there fraudulently, or just that you don't hold by him?

    2. 1. i have no idea if they need it or not. maybe there are additives.
      2. its not a matter of whether or not I accept him. there are laws in israel and the rabbanut has to approve such things (both the product and of other kashrut organizations certifying products sold in Israel) The rabbanut did not say this certification was stamped without rabbi mazors approval - they said rabbi mazors hechsher is not authorized in israel, meaning it cannot be relied upon according to them. the rabbanut regularly publishes names of hechshers and agencies they catch operating without authorization.
      I guess if you know of such an unauthorized hechsher and trust it , you wont care what the rabbanut says about them - but if you dont they are letting you know that they havent authorized it and you have nothing to base any trust on.

  2. Strange, I thought that Quake Oats was fine kashrut wise. I guess it's more complicated. Thanks.
    Send this to KCC!

  3. I googled "Rabbi Yehoram Mazor," and he is literally a Reform rabbi. He is the executive director of Maram, the organization of Reform rabbis in Israel. He is also the Rav Av Beit Din of a Reform giyur beit din. The website of his beit din promises candidates a conversion that will be accepted by "most non-Orthodox rabbis around the world."


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