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Feb 23, 2014

Quote of the Day

let's say that it is a lot more respectful than the Arabs who play soccer without any sensitivity or shame... I don't understand, even animals feel sensitivity on this place [Har Habayit] and would act with holiness.. but they, they don't have any sensitivity..

  - Chief Rabbi of Tzfat Rav Shmuel Eliyahu, when asked on the radio about carrying a bag containing general items while on Har Habayit

He is going to get reamed for seemingly comparing the Arabs to animals.. but the fact is he is right about the point he is making about them not treating it respectfully. Even if you say they disagree it is holy to Jews and therefore do not need to show it respect -  but they claim it is holy to them and they say the entire courtyard has the same level of holiness as a mosque.. so even if it is just holy to them in their eyes, it is still considered respectful to play soccer in a mosque? Surely this will also be used against him when it comes time for elections for Jerusalem Chief Rabbi in which he is expected to be caniddate..

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  1. I think i heard this interview. What I did find interesting was what was not said. The question posed was if going up to the Temple Mount one could bring some things, and the rav did not make the question moot by saying that it is irrelevant because we do not go up on the mount. Instead, he answered the sheala.

  2. I have been told that Rav Eliyahu supports going to Har Habayit. I dont know this for sure, but thats what I have heard. Some say his father also supported it. I have seen a letter written by his (Rav Mordechai) own hand and signed by him that says to go to har habayit...


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