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Feb 27, 2014

UCLA Student Melts Down After Divestment Defeat (video)

Poor baby...

I am impressed she really believes so strongly in what she is doing that she had such a breakdown when it failed!

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  1. As a UCLA Alum, I have to tell you that the University is still in big trouble. I remember how exciting it was in the mid-80's when the Regents Meeting on South African Apartheid was busted into by protestors, only to be darkened by the Black Students' Association's insistence that "Zionism = Racism" remain on the outside of its office door.

    Tell me what that slogan had to do with South African Apartheid.

  2. She sounds like Haredi MKs reacting to the Shaked committee who want to apply the existing draft law to haredim.

  3. Sounds like she needs a man badly.

  4. The only word I could understand was 'like', which she used about 40,000 times.


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