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Feb 26, 2014

Bet Shemesh affects million man rally schedule, and vnahafoch hu

in Bet Shemesh election news...

Eli Cohen, candidate for the position of mayor of Bet Shemesh, put out his jingle for the month of Adar - using a famous Purim tune "Vnahafoch hu", and wrote that this is precisely our goal - to bring about a reversal for the city of Bet Shemesh - instead of extremism, openness; instead of fighting, discussion; instead of favoring associates, fair and equal treatment of all.. the month of Adar will be a month of change in Bet Shemesh..

the song:

sure enough, his song was quick to draw criticism from his opponents and detractors. People wrote in on his Facebook page accusing him of using Judaism and its songs as an ax to grind with... of course the other side has no problem using Judaism for their political purposes - their signs all over the neighborhood excerpt a verse right out of the megilla calling on everyone to gather together and protect their lives (ostensibly from the attack of Haman and his supporters)...

only one side is allowed to use Judaism and Torah for their election propaganda..

and in other Bet Shemesh news...

the upcoming elections is having an effect on the planned "million man rally" of the Haredi community to protest against Netanyahu and the new draft law being passed.

According to reports in Kikar and Bechadrei, they are having trouble scheduling the rally. The Gerrer Rebbe insists the rally be on a Sunday, so that they can have simultaneous rallies  in other locations around the world, something that is only possible on Sunday when people are not working.

That leaves only two Sundays in the immediate future, and both are problematic:
 * this coming Sunday is Rosh Chodesh and selichos cannot be said on Rosh Chodesh (and that would optimally be a main feature of the rally)
 * the following Sunday which is right before Bet Shemesh elections and might adversely affect preparations and motivation - it would take the askanim away from their preparations, and it might increase non-haredi motivation to go out and vote. From another perspective, the rally can also contain a call for rallying around Bet Shemesh in order to oppose the government - motivate locals to vote and work for the Haredi success in Bet Shemesh while also encouraging others form around the country to go help out in Bet Shemesh (without voting).. but ti seems the non-haredi motivation is a greater concern than the haredi motivation - maybe they figure every haredi resident will be going out to vote and they dont need any additional motivation.

It looks like the decision will be to make the rally sooner rather than later, and it will be this coming Sunday, and they will say tehillim without selichos.


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  1. "something that is only possible on Sunday when people are not working."
    Those haredim in ch"l, going to work -- the chutzpah !! Either they are chardakim OR their gov't is carrying out a sh'mad by not giving them free parnasa -- which one is it ???

  2. Yawn, it's so predictable that someone like you pops up on any post like this. In case you need it spelled out for you in simple words, this rally is NOT against people who go out to work, nor have working chareidim ever been called Chardakim. Please think before you type next time, it won't hurt, then maybe the rest of us can be saved from your drivel.


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