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Feb 19, 2014

Homeland''s (TV) Israeli creator calls this a "DISTURBED ERA" in response to protesters (video)

Ron Leshem ambushed by pro-Palestinian protesters simply because of his nationality (since he supports an end to "occupation"). Hear his brilliant response.(see below for more)

Ron Leshem, creator of original Homeland, gives apolitical film talk at UW-Milwaukee on 1/30/14 when ambushed by pro-Palestinian protesters simply because of his nationality. This form of anti-Israelism, where a person is attacked for simply being from a country is nothing short of Anti-Semitism and is anti-coexistence.

Had the protesters been listening to the speaker, they would have discovered that he supports Palestinian statehood (see third part of clip), is anti-war, and pro-peace. He loves traveling in Arab countries, and bridges cultures with stories. He has created television shows that feature Arabs. Nevertheless, he was interrupted by screaming protesters in the middle of a talk about film, and they leave as soon as he challenges them to engage in dialogue. Had they stayed, they may have found an ally; Instead, they just made people angry and distanced peace.

Though he may support elements of their position, Leshem, nevertheless, challenges the protesters hypocrisy in ignoring gross and unjustifiable human rights violations in Arab countries and Iran (including killing children for being gay, stoning women accused of adultery, and recent polls showing that a majority of Jordanian women support their husband's right to beat them!) 

By protesting an Israeli who supports a withdrawal from Gaza and the West Bank, these protesters revealed that their goal is an end to the "occupation" of all "Palestinian" land...that is, the complete destruction of the Jewish State. Their unwillingness to engage in meaningful dialogue shows they have no interest in peace. They represent extremism, divisiveness, and are against co-existence. 

Polls show that Israelis consistently and overwhelmingly support peace with their neighbors. Most Israelis also support the concession of land in exchange for guaranteed peace. Then why is there no Palestinian state? One reason of many is because people like this make it clear that peace must proceed the creation of a state lest it be used as a launching pad against major Israeli populations centers just 2 miles away.

It's admirable to take a stand against human rights violations. 
But the "racism" and hypocracy of the protesters and Leshem's response show that the root of the anti-Israel movement is anti-Semitism veiled in a "righteous" cause 
If we really care about human rights let's start with Syria, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc...
If you really want a Palestinian state, advocate for peace rather than create confrontation.

(It should be noted that pro-Palestinian protesters on the UW-Milwaukee campus have used physical violence against Jewish students in the past. Thankfully, this protest was rude but non-violent. Ron Leshem should be applauded for his stand against human rights abuses, while maintaining composure and a desire for peace. He was able to continue his talk about film.)

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  1. Though otherwise the room looks quite empty. I don't think half the country (or half of anyone) believes in peaceful withdrawal. It's about a quarter, with the other 25% bent on destruction - even if its of themselves ch"v.


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