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Feb 19, 2014

Interesting Posts #532

1. Yasher Koach and Tizkeh lMitzvos to those who have sponsored me in the Lemaan Achai Bowl-A-Thon.. you can still register as a sponsor, for me or for other bowlers, and donate at http://www.smartchesed.org

2. business, politics, and disgracing torah scholars

3. Palestinians deprive their own people of clean water for propaganda

4. fighting smoking is a battle worth fighting

5. the parameters and paradoxes of being an orthodox jewish woman

6. dystopia

7. images of Jewish-Muslim unity

8. the end of the snow day is nigh

9. spiritual gentrification

10. who moved Abutbol's cheese?

11. products that are kosher only without a hechsher

12. interview with a MasterChef

13. What Israel means to Natalie Portman

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