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Jul 31, 2014

Burqa lady shot near Kotel

Last night a "burqa lady" was shot.

This burqa lady was walking towards the entrance to the Kotel, when police called to her to stop. They were unable to identify her as not a terrorist, as a Jew, from afar due to being completely covered, and wanted her to stop so they could identify her.

When she continued walking towards them and did not heed their warnings, they shot her in the leg to stop her, suspecting this person might be a terrorist with nefarious intentions. It is unclear why she did not heed the warnigns to stop.
sources: Jerusalem.net and Srugim

I hope she is ok and healing.

It seems like now is not a good time to refuse to identify yourself and do things that might be considered suspicious. Everybody is on alert everywhere. The security situation everywhere is very sensitive.

And, now Ladaat is also reporting on another incident with a burqa lady in Mea Shearim. She was detained. The article does not say why or what the police wanted from her. I don't know why she did not identify herself, even after being stopped by the police that she needed to be taken away.

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  1. 1. I wonder what language they yelling in. Arabic?

    2. This use of the term Burka Lady is offensive, and should stop. Doesn't she have "democratic" right to wear whatever she pleases? Many criticize me for suggesting that certain women dress like whores. Aren't you criticizing someone elses dress as well in a derogatory way?

    1. I dont think calling her a burqa lady is offensive. It is a descriptor of the small group of women who do this.
      fully support her right to dress as she wishes, no matter how silly or even dangerous (as we can see) I think it might be. I have written so in the past.
      There are plenty of people who dress strange. Plenty of people dress far worse than these burqa ladies. They might all be strange, but they can dress however they want.

  2. I disagree, especially since it is not a burka.

    And a black suit and hat is more authentically Jewish?


    I will take this a full license to call "American Haredi" women who wear tight clothes, miniskirts, long wigs, and "hooker boots," whores.

    At least the fully covered ladies are not doing an aveirah by not dressing immodestly.

    BTW, I still want to know which language was used to call out to her.

  3. nowhere did I use the word authentic.

    I dont know what language. I could not really hear it well. There was a universal language in use though, in addition to the hebrew and/or arabic - and that was the language of a policeman pointing a gun at you

    1. No, you did not use the word authentic. I did.

      Anyway,...doubt we'll see eye to eye on this.

  4. I am leaning on the right of the vast majority not to have increased security at the cost of harming the right of some people to cover themselves from top to bottom. Perhaps when peace breaks out, people can dress ultra-modest if they want, but until then, we live in a super-heightened society in which guards still snoop into our bags and car trunks, and burkas should be outlawed in public.

  5. This incident is back in the news - for very odd reasons.


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