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Jul 27, 2014

initiative from Chaim of Bet Shemesh

There have been a number of initiatives, all great initiatives, by the public on behalf of the soldiers.

Every day I see new posts on social media about groups of people who put together loads of packages to send to the soldiers in or near Gaza, or recuperating in hospitals, or people in communities that are affected more seriously, or families of soldiers and reservists. People, organizations, etc.

If somebody posts to the public that he is going to be heading down south with something, he ends up traveling with a car full of  goodies  because everyone who saw the notice quickly prepares packages to send with him.

Then there are the good deeds, the prayers, the kindness.

There is one project I want to point out in particular. It is not unique. I don't think so, at least. I want to point it out because it is from Bet Shemesh. The town that has gotten so much bad press should also get some good press.

Bet Shemesh people have done a ton for the soldiers. Tefilla, packages, support,  money, solidarity, rallies, etc. Every day one can find new ideas and old ideas being fulfilled. This specific project is similar to the Shmira Project and to Elef Lamateh. As I said, it doesn't seem to be unique, but it is from Bet Shemesh.

Some fellow named Chaim, speaking on Galei Tzahal Radio, from the haredi community of Bet Shemesh, created a similar program, by which people will daven on behalf of soldiers fighting in Gaza. He calls it "Moked HaTefillot HaOlami" - The world prayers hotline. Just like the others, you can get a name to daven for, and/or you can give a name of a relative fighting to be davened for.

Chaim said on the radio  which you can hear in the link above, that on the first day 4000 people signed up!

Kol hakavod Bet Shemesh!

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