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Jul 21, 2014

The Haredi Home Front

I must say I am super-impressed with the way [practically] everyone has been so supportive of the military campaign and specifically supportive of the soldiers. It is so important for the soldiers to know the people are behind them and support their efforts.

Especially so for the Haredi community.

It has been a tough year (or few years) for the relationship between the Haredi community and the IDF (and the government and Israeli society in general). We have had the new draft law, we have had rallies against army service, we have had arrests, we have had dissent, we have had anger, we have had disassociation....

and despite all that, the Haredi community is no less, and some might even say it is much more, involved in efforts supporting the troops.

Out of the Haredi community you will see massive efforts in tefilla, learning for the merit of the soldiers and the success of the campaign, good deeds being taken on (listen to haredi radio stations kol hai and kol berama and you will hear call-in shows for people to announce what good deeds or self-improvement efforts people are taking on for the merit of the soldiers), cooking and donating for soldiers and more. You will hear haredim talking about our soldiers, our sons and daughters, our brothers...

It is great that at least in a time of crisis we can put all the nastiness and anger behind us and come together...

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  1. We are all in this together. I went to a tefilla gathering and the speaker mentioned that we all come from the same Source and have the breath of Hashem in each of us, therefore, we are one neshama. Like a a body with different parts, we are one neshama with different components. May Hashem protect the Israeli soldiers and all of Yisrael and redeem us soon


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