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Jul 20, 2014

now is not the time for anti-religious laws

While I almost always enjoy listening to MK Yisrael Eichler (UTJ) because of his unique style and ideas, I rarely agree with him or appreciate his opinion.

On this, however, I think he has a point.

Eichler requested from Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein that he prevent the passage of laws that are anti-haredi in nature during this time of emergency while there is a war going on in Gaza.

Eichler explains that during the period of the abduction of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, the nation came together around the pain and distress, and laws under strong public argument were not raised during that period. Today, with millions of Jews living in fear, near bomb shelters, no matter what their outlook on life might be - we should not promote laws that are controversial. We should not let anti-religious people or authorities take advantage of the crisis situation and promote laws that would be decrees on the public, be it decrees down here or in the upper worlds....
after some more explanation, Eichler concluded the letter saying the acceptable practice in Knesset should be continued and controversial issues should not be raised during a time of war.
source: Ladaat

while "life must go on", I agree that in a time of crisis, where we need the unity desperately, such controversial issues should be put on hold. Necessary or not, the unity is more important than the quicker promotion fo the controversial issue. Those issues can all wait until the crisis is over.

That si why i was surprised to see the issue of splitting the city of Bet Shemesh still being pushed forward and not put on ice, and was happy to see Miri Regev postpone the committee meeting to debate the issue.

Even Finance Minister Yair Lapid knows naturally that now is not the time to upset the public and create controversy. Lapid announced a few days ago that he will not raise taxes because of the war (though he was talking practically - saying there is currently no need to raise taxes to fund the war).. one cannot deny that part of it is definitely that now is not the time to rile up the public.

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  1. Maybe it should go both ways? Like no increases of subsidies to one segment of the population for being "special" because taxes are as a result levied against the "non-special" ones for it.

  2. They had no problem squashing the status quo in tel aviv. It's only a controversy if the religious are affected by a law.


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