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Jul 20, 2014

Quote of the Day

The Disengagement was painful, but there is no doubt that it brought Israel security. It was a very important strategic process. Hundreds of lives, maybe more, were saved during the period in which there were no settlements in Gaza. We also gave the IDF freedom to maneuver. Imagine that there were thousands of Israelis living in Gaza during the current reality. The response would be different, and the price would be exponentially higher.

  -- MK Shaul Mofaz (Kadima)

The most amazing, or astounding, thing about what Shaul Mofaz said today is not that he is clearly delusional - since the Disengagement we have had two wars with Gaza along with thousands of missiles, a kidnapping from Gaza, a few other terrorist attacks and more and that he could say this with a straight face - is that he is still involved in politics and is around. I dont think I have heard from Shaul Mofaz since the formation of the government over a year ago! Has he done anything? Is he still relevant?

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  1. Imagine all of the above, plus the daily drip of death and huge expense, and fomenting of hate, had we kept settlements there.

    Now imagine if we and they had both done just a few small things, what could've been.

    1. Right, because we could possibly be more hated by a people bent on destroying us just so they can have a chance to turn Israel back into a waste land. You are delusional too.

  2. So, what should Israel do? Any ideas?


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