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Jul 20, 2014

Interesting psak: entertainment for soldiers, even during "three weeks"

War and army has a long history with shows and entertainment. Celebrities would donate of their time, and often money, to put on shows for soldiers as a way of boosting their morale and keeping spirits high.

Famously, celebrities such as Bob Hope, Stephen Colbert, Rita Hayworth, Raquel Welch, Ginger Rogers, Wayne Newton, the Andrews Sisters and so many more celebrities entertained the troops during war... in Israel as well it is common (though the names were never as familiar to me..)..

According to NRG, the Rabbanut has paskened allowing the army choirs and musical troupes and others to perform and entertain soldiers  in order to strengthen morale and keep the fighting spirit high, despite it being the middle of the Three Weeks when [at least Ashkanezi] Jews minimize performances and music...

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