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Jul 20, 2014

UNRWA transfers missiles to Hamas officials

It was reported in the news the other day that UNRWA in Gaza was shocked to discover 20 Hamas rockets (missiles) being stored in one of the UNRWA school buildings in Gaza. UNRWA condemned the incident calling it a flagrant violation of international law.

It is now being reported (initially just on Channel 2 news, and now it is spreading to news websites such as NRG, INN, and Jewish Press) that Israel requested from UNRWA that they transfer the missiles to Israel, or at least supply Israel with pictures of the missiles.

UNRWA responded that it is already too late and the missiles have already been handed over to the "relevant authorities" and are conducting an investigation.

Israel obviously asked who are these "relevant authorities"... the answer given was "relevant Palestinian authorities". Chico Menashe from Channel 2 news reported that they were turned over to local Hamas officials.

So, UNRWA is now not just being used by Hamas, willingly or unwillingly, but is also now supplying Hamas with missiles to shoot at Israel.

If you donate to UNRWA, you should be aware that while they surely do important work in the realm of refugee relief, your donation is fairly likely to also be used to supply Hamas with weaponry or field intelligence.

Should UNRWA now also be targeted, as an accomplice to Hamas? Perhaps. I don't know. Maybe they were threatened by Hamas to turn over those missiles.

This is an incident Israel cannot allow to pass quietly. We all know already how the UN is biased against Israel, but transferring missiles to Hamas is an entirely new level of anti-Israel behavior....

the UN would openly help Hamas? oh wait - is that a UN ambulance going by?

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  1. I am not at all surprised they did it. I am a bit surprised they admitted it so readily.

  2. The video is compelling, but what is its source or how can it be validated as authentic?


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