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Jul 21, 2014

yesterday's ceasefire now upsets me

I am very upset.

It can take some time for the IDF to release information about soldiers injured and dead in battle. It can take time to identify the bodies properly and then to inform the families.

When the 13 soldiers were killed in battle on Saturday night, it took an unusually long amount of time for the information to be made public. (it was unfortunately on the rumor mills on Whatsapp and various online forums almost immediately).

It seems that part of the reason it took so long is because

I have now heard that one of the reasons it took so long is because there was a major battle over the bodies of the soldiers. It took time for Israel to be able to recover the bodies under fire, and only then to confirm the identities and inform the families.

After Hamas would not allow Israel to retrieve the bodies of the dead soldiers, they then had the gall to ask for a cease-fire so they could retrieve the bodies of their fighters? And Israel said yes? that they then broke the cease-fire comes as no surprise, but that they asked for one and were granted one, after trying to prevent Israel from retrieving its bodies, now upsets me.

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  1. insanity. the government is devaluing jewish life. I am not from the big tzionim, but just basic decency dictates that we need to be much tougher with hamas

  2. I read somewhere that Hamas asked for a cease-fire, and then when Israel honored it, Hamas just kept shooting. And then Israeli STILL honored it.

    That, in my mind, is insanity. (Not to mention that acting that way by Hamas is a war crime.)

    How about the next time there is a request for, say, a 5-hour cease fire, the deal is, cease fire is over either after 5 hours OR after the first bullet you fire, whichever is earlier.

  3. Tal, it's our galut, let's show the world how humane we are.
    Frankly, I will give a lot of credit to our leadership that has to make the tough decisions, but I think it is our duty in the public to keep puttingthe pressure against stuff like this so that A) our leadership can claim in the world and in the media how much they are resisting the street. B) It would not be good if we all turned wishy washy humanitarian now, which would mean being more merciful on the Arab attackers than on the millions of Israeli under attack.

  4. Josh -- with proper explanation, you can have both. It's one thing to agree to a 5-hour humanitarian cease fire, to allow medical help for the injured. But a cease fire means, um. you know, a cease in fire, not one side stops, the other side keeps firing. I cannot speak for the rest of the world, but here in the U.S. that kind of common sense would resonate.

    1. and Baruch Hashem, we started firing back as well when they broke the ceasefire, and did not be 'more pious than the pope' and keep our side of the ceasefire until the end while being fired on. That is another significant difference in this operation. Baruch Hashem


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