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Jul 24, 2014

IDF destroys UNRWA building

The Palestinians are reporting that Israel destroyed a building of UNRWA and 15 people were killed in the strike. The IDF says it is looking into it.

While normally UNRWA buildings should not be legitimate targets, I think we are well past that point here.

With Hamas regularly using civilian locations as their headquarters and as missile storage sites, every site is really a military target. With the UNRWA already being caught with its pants down at least 3 times, as having Hamas missiles stored within their buildings, I think UNRWA sites should all be considered military targets. With UNRWA handing missiles over to Hamas, instead of to international bodies, or Israel, or even the PA, they should be considered just another part of Hamas, and therefore also a target.

If UNRWA wants to assist Hamas, they have to accept the consequences of that. Just like Hamas and any of its sites and buildings are targets, UNRWA should be exactly the same. The IDF has nothing to look into, unless it is looking into it to declare a successful mission.

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