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Jul 29, 2014

Facebook Status of the Day

I will translate it after the status, though it won't have the flavor of the original.. as they say, lost in translation

my translation:
By chance, 3 young boys hitchhiked on a fatal ride
By chance, their mothers thanked the soldiers and members of the security forces every day, instead of coming with complaints.
By chance, the entire nation prayed and came together.
By chance, this happened in the territory of the Palestinian Authority
By chance, Abu Mazen, a month prior, gave Hamas permission to enter the areas of the PA.
By chance, the IDF collected a heavy price from hamas for its "business with the PA
By chance, Hamas got angry and started shooting missiles
By chance, nobody died from more than 2000 missiles
because By chance, we developed, specifically us and specifically now, the Iron dome
and By chance, such a unity developed that we were able to go into Gaza
and By chance, the world for the first time has stood behind us
and By chance, we are uncovering tunnels of hell that have been dug for the past 10 years
and By chance,  this is all happening 2 months before these tunnels would have been used to bring the entire country to its knees, in a detailed plan of evil Hamas.
That same "chance occurrences" were also present in Purim, in Persia.
By chance, the sea split
By chance, in the War of Independence a few underground organizations overpowered the forces of the Arab armies
and By chance, the Maccabees defeated.. and... how coincidental.. already about 3300 years and we benefit from the coincides.
So I, confess to these coincides daily, such as the return of my soul, with great mercy because By chance I got up.and I pray 3 times a day to it, because anyway, if not for the coincidental, perhaps we'd be in Uganda.. or I would be a grain of ash on that in Auschwitz, or in some mass grave in Russia, but no, I am here, al

אז אני, מודה למקריות הזו כל בוקר , שהיא החזירה נשמתי , בחמלה רבה, כי במקרה קמתי .ומתפלל אליה 3 פעמים ביום , כי בכל זאת , אם לא המקריות , הינו אולי בכלל באוגנדה(מה שקורה עכשיו באוגנדה...) , או שהייתי גרגר אפר בהר המצמרר הזה באושוויץ, או באיזה קבר אחים ברוסיה, אבל לא , אני פה ,חי ונושם בארץ הקודש , ועכשיו בונים לי ,במקרה ,כביש דו מסלולי עד ירושלים , שיהיה לי נוח לנסוע להעלות איזה קורבן תודה , ל"יד המקרה " בבית המקדש שאני , במקרה ממש , אזכה להיות חלק בבנייתו.

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