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Jul 30, 2014

the cancer of protecting your own neighborhood

a few days ago, pashkevilim were put up around the Haredi neighborhoods of Bet Shemesh. The message on the pashkevil was a bit of a mystery, in an attempt to leave the public waiting for the sequel that would eventually provide the answer and relieve the suspense.

The original pashkevil was:

which simply makes a reference to the affiliates of cancer (metastases) in Haredi Bet Shemesh.

It does not explain what is the metastases or what about it. It made for some fun conversation in trying to guess what it was referring to, what was upsetting somebody so much that they had to scream it out on the walls of the city.

Most guesses I heard were along the lines of Haredi soldiers, non-kosher cellphones, unfiltered Internet (anybody know what happened to the Chaver people and program who seemed to have disappeared?), maybe haredi movies for bein hazmanim, and the like..

Today the mystery has been solved. Part 2 of the pashkevil sequence has gone up.

And I must say I am disappointed, though curious. It is a totally boring topic, though it is definitely unexpected, and I did not hear this as the suggestion of anybody.

Here are the latest pashkevils in the sequence:

They are publicizing a psak that it is prohibited to join Mishmar Ezrachi of the authorities, or any form of it under any naeme, such as Shomrim (a private form of neighborhood watch) that seems to be part of the Sherut Ezrachi system.

As I said - boring and disappointing, but unexpected.

I dont know what the problem is with these programs. It seems to be that its members are under the authority of the secular government, via the police or army officials. I cannot imagine what else would be wrong with volunteering to protect your own neighborhood.

I wonder if I now have to go sign up for mishmar ezrachi again (I used to serve on the mishmar ezrachi force, but haven't in a few good years), just so people shouldn't think I am following this psak...

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  1. The only thing these signs show is which rabbis are official Jackasses.


    --The Mora Dasra of Nachal Dolev

  2. You know, every other post I read hear about Ramath Beth Shemesh intrigues me greatly, and I desperately what to spend a Shabbath there.

    Every other post I read here about Ramath Beth Shemesh, causes me to be physically ill, and I wonder why I ever had such thoughts before.

    But, then, of course, the whole cycle begins all over again.

    I would appreciate any insights you may have regarding this vicious cycle.


    --Mitlabet in Jerusalem

    1. it is not 100% accurate, but it is pretty true, and it might answer your question. MMost of the crazy stuff is happenign in RBS B. Most of the good RBS stuff is in RBS A. They are both called generally "Ramat Bet Shemesh".

  3. I was afraid you might said that.

    Now, I must respond with -- You might not want to assume which things cause me intrigue, and which other things cause me to vomit. (Hint: Insulated English speaking, "American Haredi" stuff: which do you think my response it?)

    Note: "American Haredi" is a phrase which does not necessarily mean American, and almost never means "real" Haredi.



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