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Jul 28, 2014

showing contempt for Muslim holidays

This is just too strange..

The Hamas spokesman, Sammy Abu Zohari, said that Israel, the Occupation, has opposed a humanitarian ceasefire on their holiday of Eid Al-Fitr, and this shows contempt to the sensitivities of Muslims, and therefore Israel will bear responsibility for the escalation..

1. we are at war. we have to be concerned about their sensitivities?
2. we are killing Muslims, as part of the war, including tragically children, but it is the lack of agreement on a ceasefire on Eid Al-Fitr that is showing contempt for their sensitivities? Is that really worse than the killing of people?
3. They are trying to kill us. Can we demand they be sensitive to our sensitivities and stop? If that is how war works, I hereby call upon Hamas to stop all of this, as it shows contempt to my sensitivities.
4. With all the arrests of terrorists, information has been uncovered that the purpose of many of the tunnels was to carry out a massive terror attack on Rosh Hashana. Terrorists would have popped out of the tunnels in Israeli towns, Kibbutzim and Moshavim and slaughtered people and taken hostages. I repeat - on Rosh Hashana. So, no ceasefire on Eid Al-Fitr is contempt to sensitivities, but planning a massive terror attack scheduled for Rosh Hashana is ok?

Are they insane?

And people fall for this stuff?

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  1. Welcome to the Middle East. That is the Moslem mentality -- of course OUR holidays are to be accorded the greatest respect, yours are to be treated with utter contempt.

  2. Why express shock that Hamas only respects its own holidays? Is this really that surprising?

    May those dogs burn eternally for their crimes against G-d's nation.

  3. the stupidity is that indeed, we do fall for this. A generation of mental and social conditioning has convinced us that we are moral and that means (add to the list):
    - we respect their holidays
    - we do not want to incite the Arabs so we will tolerate violence
    - we respect their wish that we are banned from praying on the Temple Mount
    - we cannot win a military war anymore
    - we cannot kill terrorists if human shields are around
    - we should not topple Hamas because of what might come to repalce it
    - we need to think about the day after


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