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Jul 21, 2014

Tel Aviv looking for new ways to legalize opening shops on Shabbos

Minister of Interior Gideon Saar did not allow the City of Tel Aviv to simply change the law and let stores open on Shabbos, so Tel Aviv had to find a new way to let stores open on Shabbos.

Mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai has instructed the legal counsel for City hall to prepare a revised proposal to be passed in the city council that will be accepted by the Ministry of Interior. If the Minister should reject it again, the new proposal would be appealed to the Supreme Court with better chances of winning.

The revised proposal would be more limited in the scope of what could be opened on Shabbos, and supervision would be increased. The city would be divided into sections, and a certain number of permits would be granted per section (with each permit being good for a period of two years). The permits will not be transferable, and will be raffled off among those requesting, if there are more requests than permits in an area.

By doing it like this, the big chains wont have any advantage over the small stores.

As well, kiosks and markets at major junctions and in business centers, and near entertainment areas that are open, will be given priority. There will be fewer shops allowed to be open in religious neighborhoods than in other neighborhoods. No shops will be allowed to be opened near shuls. Rules about shop sizes allowed to be open would also be changed, allowing smaller shops to open as well.
source: Ynet

Will ti work? Will Saar be able to knock this one down as well? Technically he rejected the previous law because it was too vague in what it was allowing, leaving too much of a breach possible. If they close all that off and keep it limited in scope, Saar might be willing to pass it, or might not be able stop it..
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