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Jul 29, 2014

Extremists attack soldier in RBS B

The various reports have slightly different details on this, but they all get the main point the same - a soldier (or maybe two) went to daven in the Rama shul (aka "the shteiblach") in RBS B last night and were attacked by local extremist thugs. They verbally attacked him and his sons outside of the shul and then smashed the windows of his car.

The soldier is a fellow from Netivot on reserve duty. When called up to service he brought his two boys to his parents in Bet Shemesh. When he was given a break for a few hours, he traveled to Bet Shemesh to see his family, and when he went to the shul to daven, the incident happened.

source: Bechadrei, Kikar

The mayor of Bet Shemesh, Moshe Abutbol, posted a condemnation pretty quickly. Abubtol spoke with the soldier and said he was shocked to hear of the serious incident and that he condemns it strongly, especially during this period where everybody, including the people of Bet Shemesh are united in support of the soldiers. Abubtol also said that in the Iryah they say tehillim every day for the soldiers, along with the "mi she'beirach" for their success, along with establishing a prayer hotline. Abutbol also added that such behavior is both illegal and against halacha, and he called upon the police to deal harshly with them.

In addition to Abutbol's comments, MK Aryeh Dery (Shas) also publicized a condemnation of the attack. Dery wrote that they have crossed all lines, this is an act of terror and they must be dealt with the same way we deal with terrorists. The hand that is raised against a soldier should be cut off!

Other responses to the incident include MK Litzman (UTJ) who said that no person in a right mind wouldn't condemn such an attack. It is a serious incident, it is a public crime and is a terrible injustice that is meant to blacken the reputation of an entire sector. The police should deal with them seriously.
MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) said it is a serious incident both for the actual act and also the chillul hashem it causes. These people put the entire Haredi community in danger and cause tremendous amount of damage.
source: Bechadrei

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  1. I bet there's a tunnel entrance under the shul. Something should be done about that...

  2. The satan is trying really hard to tear us apart because his time is almost up. We have to stay strong and united. Don't let anyone destroy that. shalom


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