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Jul 24, 2014

Shas and Hamas Demilitarizing Israel

Rav Shalom Cohen has been quoted as having said, allegedly, that we do not need an army, and it is the tefillos that protect klal yisroel. He said this, supposedly, when someone asked him at a rally to say a tefilla for the soldiers.

I cant believe Rav Cohen would say such a thing. I have to assume he is being misquoted. Otherwise he sounds ridiculous and perhaps senile.

Of course the tefillos protect Israel. That does not negate the need for an army. Perhaps the tefillos are in addition to the army's protection, or maybe the tefillos are what make the army successful in its missions, or not (God forbid).

Even at the time of the highest level of giluy shechina and when bnei yisroel was ever at the highest spiritual level, the Jewish nation (when it was self-ruled) had an army. At the times of King David, Moshe Rabbeinu, King Saul, King Solomon, and throughout the history of the kings of Israel the nation had an army. God requires it of us, as part of our hishtadlus and as part of the natural order of how the world works. One can say perhaps that one shouldnt rely on the army as much as we or they do, but to say the army is unnecessary is just ridiculous.

Or perhaps Hamas should be making the ceasefire with Rav Cohen. The Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said he would make a ceasefire with Israel only after Israel is demilitarized...

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  1. Every census in Chumash Bamidbar is in the context of those eligible for the army. To state that we don't need an army is total Apikorsus.

  2. As Uri Regev aptly pointed out, by the same token there should be no need for the Chardi MKs to worry about getting funding for the Yeshivos - we can daven for money and that will be that.

  3. Arutz Sheva Hebrew has the video (the second video on the page).

    I sincerely believe that Rav Shalom Cohen Shlit"a would agree that currently, we do need an army. What he means is ideally, our power is only in our mouths (אין כחנו אלא בפה) and that Hashem would fight our wars even without an army - as what occurred at the Yam Suf and as what will occur when וברוח שפתיו ימית רשע. May such a day come soon.

    The A7 article ended saying that Rav Cohen gave a blessing that the soldiers return home peacefully.

  4. Dovid HaMelech not only recited Tehillim, he wrote them, and studied all aspects of Torah as well, but he still had to organize and lead the Jewish army!


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