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Jul 23, 2014

John Kerry risks it all for peace

US Secretary of State John Kerry is a very daring man. He is willing to risk it all for the sake of a possible ceasefire.

After the FAA decided it was too dangerous to fly to Israel and therefore grounded all flights (interesting that they haven't grounded flights to the Ukraine - where two planes were actually shot out of the air), John kerry said that would not stop him, and he today flew to Israel.

John Kerry was willing to take the very serious risk of having his airplane shot out of the sky by a missile, for the sake of peace.

Thank you for your determination, Mr. Kerry.

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  1. K just wants other people to stay home.

  2. Obama says Israel isn't safe to fly to - but that's different for his Secretary Of State?

    American logic! One has a hard time divining it.

  3. Report says that the White House made the request to the FAA.
    The FAA has not banned flights into Pakistan or other places which have been under direct attack.
    This is apparently a political ploy to threaten us/Netanyahu with what might come in the future if we don't accept Kerry's plan.
    It is incredible really. Why the hell do they care if there is a ceasefire. WHY???


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