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Jan 27, 2015

Bennet's star stumbles

Bennet has basically been considered a brilliant campaigner and leader for Habayit Hayehudi. He seemed to be able to do no wrong. He brought the party out of obscurity, from 3 seats that were probably heading to 0, and led them to the promised land of 12 seats. Now he has been polling at 15+ for the coming elections, and his star has been seen to only be rising.

Yet somehow this move, reserving the slot for Eli Ohana, has upset many in his party. Zevulun Kalfa and Rav Ronsky have already announced their resigning the party, and who knows how many voters or other leaders will jump ship.

Did Bennet misread his party so badly? Is this just collateral damage and he will bring in more than he loses?

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  1. There are borders. Obviously they feel this is beyond the borders. You had a good point, Rafi, in your previous post the he has flexibility. But that only goes so far.

  2. It seems Rav Rontzki is not out, although Zevulun Kalfa is indeed out. Perhaps Kalfa was anyways annoyed that he had such a low spot, and this was his "last straw." I also saw a quote from him to the effect that Tekumah running alone would certainly pass the threshold, which I doubt, so I wouldn't take his actions as indicative of broader dissatisfaction.

  3. Time will tell if this paid off. Where will these voters go? Yishai/Chetboun? Ben-Ari? Likud? I'm not sure.

    Like I said, Ohana may yet bring in more than Kalfa and Ronsky. I have no idea.

  4. This is for Esser: it all depends on how 'low the mamlachtim will go'. We all know that with their eternal inferiority complex, they strive to be liked and accepted by the non-religious and mass media. 'They' even gave up the fight over Gush Katif (this is documented) in order to not hurt their general image of our shiny happy religious people image. I think they will take this pill, the one that makes them forget about Torah and Jewish values they want to promote to the next generation, like they did the previous ones:
    A certain leader boasting of his non-religious wife,
    hooking up with Lapid the hunk and media star,
    another leader posting pictures on Facebook of a Shabbat nature tour,
    a pot-smoking journalist who is not religious,
    oh, well, the fact that they feel they need non-religious people in the ranks to legitimize themselves,
    the PR expert who guides the party to a victory (that still is not even clear what the goals will be when they get there),
    the cut in child allowances,
    the cut in yeshiva funding,
    the building freeze for Jews in Jerusalem, while a major Arab-only project is approved,
    not making a deal about continued police harassment of settlers on one hand,
    and the passive police action with the Arab riots in Jerusalem,
    I could go on...

  5. "Like!"

    You're right on point. Yes, I'm sure that you could go on....

  6. Harav Ronsky denied all the rumors about his leaving, although he's not all happy about the pick, it's only one bad one while there are still 15 good ones...


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