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Jan 29, 2015

Election musings

Busy day in the election-watch, as the deadline nears for parties to register for the elections...


 * Netanyahu surprises at the last minute with somehow convincing Benny Begin to return to politics and sticking him in the 11th slot on the Likud list. Good move. Even if I did not agree with everything Benny Begin promoted, I appreciate his integrity and wisdom, and know we need more like him in the Knesset.

 * Didn't Netanyahu give away the 11th and 23rd slot yesterday to two female security experts? I don't know what happened, but I'd like to hear if he just tossed one of them like yesterday's news or what happened.

 * Suddenly Yoni Chetboun is threatening to abandon Yishai's party, due to the possible merger (technical block, if you may) with Otzma Yehudit. For the past two weeks they have been negotiating a merger, and now he gets upset about it? at the last minute? If he does not like them, why did this go on for him so long with Chetboun saying nothing, and why now is it suddenly not ok?

 * If Chetboun does leave Yachad, will that put an end to the more "chardali" supporters of Habayit Hayehudi leaving for Yachad - as maybe now Yachad is too extreme for them and less chardali?

 * they may not even exist anymore, as rumors are spreading that the entire thing might fall apart. Yishai might not even register as a party in the elections. We'll know for sure one way or the other by 10pm tonight, the official deadline.

 * Danny Dayan does not like his spot in Habayit Hayehudi and has announced that he is leaving the party. He was there for all of about 10 minutes, so no big deal. I'm not quite sure what any of this means about Danny Dayan, but it looks like he was just another of these opportunistic politicians jumping around looking for a sure ticket into the Knesset.

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  1. What choices does the voters have who would be honest, competent, and committed to the general welfare?

  2. s/b "do" above, not "does"!

  3. > Netanyahu surprises at the last minute with... a brief war with Hezbollah!

  4. I don't think that Chetboun is the real issue, and is merely a tool. I think it is super important for Yishai to prove to the Haredi voters that the candidates are directed by daat Torah, so Chetboun zig-zagging seemed to be set up to a) increase awareness of and b) show how decisive Rav Tau is. The 'hardalim' and other disappointed srugim as well as Chabad will now be able to vote for Yishai with no excuses.

  5. What's the deal with Chetboun and Aviner? Rb. Mazuz is for ascending Har HaBayith. Aviner is not, and wouldn't support Bayith Yehudith because his stance? So is he supporting Chetboun? Chetboun now holds by Aviner? How can this be?

    I'm confused. What have I missed?

    1. I don't know, and don't think many people do. I really hate speculation, and waiting for more ofthe cards to fall.
      I read an interview with Dr Ben Ari, and some of the questions he replies that he'll open his mouth only after the elections, other replies were 'depends on how the campaign organizers proceed'. It seems that Marzel is tagging along, but there is no question about sticking around after the elections.

    2. there is no question about sticking around after the elections."

      Meaning he definitely will stick around, or that he will definitely break off as Otzmah Yehudit?

    3. Tomer Devorah explores this further in "Yachad."

      Read the comments as well.

    4. Yes, I meant that the plan is not to stick around with Yachad. A vote for Yishai is a vote for Marzel and a vote for Marzel is a vote for Yishai. Clearly, Yachad wants to joining the coalition, and Marzel is not interested in joining a government that ultimately has to be 'pragmatic' at least within the coalition.

      It was explained to me that Rav Tau is a perfectionist or perhaps exclusivenist (?) in that if it is not to his shita, (everyone talks about the 'kav') then he is not going to support it, [openly].

      I know that Habad (at least on the street) is really excited about this new unity. They see for the first time ever, political unity of haredim and mizrochnikim. There is no way that the upper echelon of Chabad will ever come out in open support of any party (after they were burned in the 90s) and the question remains if Menachem Brodt, the editor of Sichat Hashavua is warm to the idea or will once again bash it like he did with Marzel and then Dr. Ben Ari specifically calling not to throw away votes.

      The suspense will be in the air until the weekend polls...

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