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Jan 21, 2015

give them guns.. (video)

this is a recent episode of the comedy show "Matzav Hauma" - State of the Nation. On Matzav Hauma everyone and everything is a target and a butt of some jokes. At 11 minutes in, Orna Banai suggests giving the Haredim guns and letting them kill each other.

Is that too far? Is it just comedy and acceptable?

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  1. Of course it's disgusting. And she should be criticized harshly for it. Tzippi Livni can be disgusting because she's not a professional comedian. Humor is meant to bring people together and take down their defenses, not kill each other in spirit.

  2. I would usually think this was terrible, BUT... I think she is making a important statement here, the "social commentary" here is her exaggerating the left/liberal and even mainstream Israeli sentiment toward the Hareidi community. She is showing how its all fun and games when everyone makes fun of the Haredim but if we would only realize that we are saying everything she said minus the last line and we need to get ourselves in check because before you know it that is where we will be. She is giving a harsh and much needed rebuke to Israeli society. I can almost guarantee that her goal was to do to just that, and not to suggest that Hareidim should die.

  3. Typical of the enemy within our midst. She probably doesn't find fault with those who are murdering Jews practically on a daily basis, but sees nothing wrong in showing hatred and disdain for her people (probably not her people). These liberal secularists are so feeble that they just don't get it that miracles are happening everyday in Israel due to those G-D fearing Jews whom she loathes. "From within your midst will come your worst enemies".

  4. ehhhh--they also make a seinfeld yad vashem joke. Unless they are making that joke constantly and there is a spate of attacks that use the show as inspiration--I wouldn't worry about it


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