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Jan 29, 2015

Thieves report crime against them

Crazy story out of Rehovot I thought you would enjoy..

A couple of kids broke into a car to steal some loose change. In the process they smashed the window of the car.

While I don't understand exactly what happened, it seems th eowner of the car showed up while the burglary was in process. He grabbed the phones off these kids (to make up for the damage they had done) and jumped in the car and drove away.

The two kids went to the police to report the theft of their phones by the driver. They wanted the police to help track down their phones. In the process they admitted to the crime they had committed. The police opened a file on them for the burglary, and at the same time is trying to locate the owner of the car and the two phones.
source: BE106

Darwin award nominees?

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  1. Everywhere and everytime where 'justice' in societies is not properly served, misdirected or distorted, one finds that the criminals wind up getting the upper hand. These youths (criminals) gave up their rights to go up against the one they victimized.

  2. MGI, ...or otherwise be prevented from spreading around their genetic material. ;-)


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