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Jan 27, 2015

Shas ignores its own shkufim for the general shkufim

The news sometimes writes itself.

Shas has been running this great campaign focusing on what they call the "shkufim" - the poor people who are transparent to the larger public and especially to the nations leaders. Shas claims nobody pays attention to them, and only Shas will take care of their needs.

It turns out that Shas has not been paying salaries to its own employees. Many Shas employees, especially in the school system Maayan Hachinuch Hatorani, are complaining that they have not been paid salaries for many months (and some have received partial salaries). They even claim to be opening legal proceedings against Shas over this.

The Shkufim campaign might be a great campaign, but if the shkufim think that Shas will actually take care of their needs after giving them their votes, the shkufim just need to look at how Shas deals with its own internal shkufim. They can guess on their own how things will turn out for them if they rely on Shas. But then again, maybe there's nobody else anyway.

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  1. Perhaps, davka - that is their campaign slogan - to be a large party that is part of the coalition in order to receive enough money to pay their workers on time.

  2. Much like Bennet's hypocritical pro-worker rights boasting while his party is 20mil in debt and has not paid some people and suppliers for working on the elections.


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