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Jan 25, 2015

more on Netanyahu's upcoming visit to the USA (with videos)

Last week I wrote my thoughts on Netanyahu accepting Boehner's invitation to speak before Congress. I thought that Netanyahu should have said that he is honored by the invitation but let's wait until after the elections.

On that post there were some very thoughtful comments that made me reconsider my opinion. I almost retracted it, but developments since have reinforced my thoughts that my initial opinion is still correct.

Not only do I think Netanyahu should have said to wait until after elections, or suggest that the invitation go through the White House, but I think that in every aspect this visit and speech will boomerang on Netanyahu. It will hurt Netanyahu electorally, as he will continue to get bashed in Israel for this visit and it will be portrayed as a cynical attempt to use the US to influence local elections, while hurting our relationship with the president of our most friendly country. I don't know much about this, but it may hurt Netanyahu on the issue itself, regarding dealing with Iran. Obama may do the opposite of what Netanyahu thinks is right.

It does not bother me so much that Obama is upset about the visit. Obama has done enough to upset Israel. Also, Obama came to Israel before he got elected, so the actual visit to the USA and Congress does not strike me as problematic on its own. It is only because of everything surrounding it.

I think Boehner turned Netanyahu and Israel into a pawn in his fights with President Obama, and Netanyahu should have refused to be used like that. It will hurt him, it will hurt Israel, and at best I doubt it will help regarding Iran.

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