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Jan 15, 2015

Facebook Status of the Day

Moshe Feiglin gets FSotD today, translation after the post

look at the French. For the right to distribute a stupid caricature for some abstract principle, the police will be mobilized and they are prepared to engulf their land in the flames of a religious war. While us - from the place of our first and second holy temples, the place at which stems our existence, the history that is ours and the destiny is ours - we run away like scared rags and the Prime Minister and the Chief of Police are leading the way.
The ghetto culture and its leaders - in its prime.

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  1. It's a cute line about fighting for a caricature but
    (1) Who knows if they're actually going to CHANGE anything - so far they killed active terrorists and held a nice rally.
    (2) And if they would start chasing down terrorists - why make fun of them? The fight against Islamic terror needs as many people on the good side as we can get, to isolate everyone who isn't "pure" in their intentions just leaves us with no allies.

  2. he'd not making fun of the French. just the opposite. he is saying look at how far the french will go to defend the freedom of speech even for a silly caricature, while Israel wont defend the basic rights on har Habayit out of fear of what the Arabs might do

  3. Yasher Koach to Moshe Feiglin!


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