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Jan 27, 2015

The Model of Israeli Irony

The following has been passed around, and was posted on Facebook by Moshe Feiglin, among others..

(thanks to Esser Agaroth for the translation)
The Model of Israeli Irony:

The Jewish Home Party submitted a petition to the Chair of the Elections Committee against the name of "The Zionist Camp" claiming that "they are not really Zionists."

In response, The Zionist Camp submitted a petition  to the Chair of the Elections Committee against the name of "The Jewish Home" claiming that "they are not really Jews."

So the beloved judge who sits as the Chair of the Elections Committee will be forced to rule on and to determine who is a real Zionist, and who is a real Jew.

And what is the name of the beloved judge?

Salim Jobran.

Even "Eretz Nehederet"* could not have written a better skit than this.

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  1. If the politics of the 'democratic non-Jewish' state wasn't so sad, it is sadly laughable. There was a time, even if not religious, the State had at least a somewhat Yiddishe neshama. Where has it gone?

  2. The sneaky Erev Rav has been chipping away at it, right under our noises. :-/

  3. Actually, I don't see why an Arab judge is less qualified to decide what is "Jewish" than a Jewish secular one.
    In general, I think that the idea that a government official can decide if the name of a party is accurate is ridiculous. Next they will challenge the name of the Likud because it is no longer combined of two parties (Liberals and Herut), and UTJ because there are two other Charedi parties who are not "United" with them, etc. etc. This is just an example of the Israeli habit of micromanaging everything which doesn't need to be managed at all. If Justice Jobran would reject the appeals on that basis, irrespective of his ethnic identity, I would respect it a lot.

  4. Perhaps. But, that's because a goyim, secular Jews (and, dare I say,...women) are disqualified from ruling on any halakhic issue, nor order around a Torah-observant Jew. Yeah, I know.... That's not our "reality." (eyes rolling)

    Even if Jobran comes up with the correct answers (whatever those are), it's still irrelevant, but also laughable.

  5. I'm with dlz, nonetheless, IMO it is legitimate politicking.
    I would make an issue that the Zionist Camp brand is not used in the Arab campaign.

  6. Well, I'm not saying that dlz is wrong per se, just that we shouldn't have an Arab in this position in the first place. But, I think you got that.

    Yes, you're definitely right about the selective "strategies" of the [anti-] Zionist Camp. ;-)

  7. I totally agree with Esser Agaroth. Even if the non-Jewish judge was a fair and reputable judge (not leaning left or right), he still has no place of being a judge (except for his own people) in Israel (thought it's supposed to be a Jewish state). Besides the Halacha of it which is, most important, a Jew in the Jewish Holy Land cannot and should not be judged by anyone other than another Jew, when it is supposedly under the rule of the Jewish people.


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