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Jan 18, 2015

election videos (video)

with all the primaries behind us, the parties will be getting into full swing with their campaigns..

here are the videos, so far, that I think are worth viewing..
note: I will post videos from any party, as long as I think the video is well-done, compelling, humorous, interesting, provoking, or whatever. I wont post boring videos. If you think I am avoiding any specific party, just send me their clips - I might just not have seen it.

here goes:
really good video, in my opinion. Netanyahu playing kindergarten teacher. Bennet is playing with a tank. Lapid with an abacus. Tzippi running around.Great clip, but it already got banned for using children.

Habayit Hayehudi about the declaration of a Palestinian State

Shas will take care of the 2 million transparent people in Israel

the Likud depicting what would happen if the rotation of Tzippi and Bujie is called upon to answer the "red phone"

What do Israel's social and professional organizations think of Yesh Atid?

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