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Jan 22, 2015

the Haredi hat protest (video)

I did not know this existed. yeshiva students are protesting the high price of the Borsalino. Other, cheaper, hats are not acceptable.

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  1. Get me outta here....

  2. Love to see activism whether it's economical boycotts or breaking the BDS. Lots canbe accomplish via the pocketbook.

  3. Yeshivish guys are now apparently too arrogant to realize that they are being made fun of.

  4. A) incredible what a journalist can do with a pack of cigarettes to get people to speak
    B) It's about time that the the yeshiva/frum world wakes up to rid themselves of expensive superficial status symbols like an imported hat. It's no wonder that the children are just as obsessed with brands when their fathers broadcast this mida.


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