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Jan 20, 2015

Deri comes to ulha with Lapid

This morning Aryeh Deri announced that he has come to terms, what he calls a sulcha - a reconciliation, with Yair Lapid and they could potentially sit together in a future coalition.

This despite the non-stop criticism and enmity for the past two years. Despite all the damage that was done to Deri's constituency by Lapid, for the past two years.

I think it is wonderful.

I just wonder why he was suddenly able to come to a reconciliation with Lapid but hasn't been able to do anything similar with Eli Yshai.

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  1. There's a left-wing deal to give away land after the elections, and Lapid and Deri have joined it.

  2. This just proves that Deri is just your typical politician with no real ideals nor loyalty to his constituents and the Torah. There's the difference between him and Yishai.


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