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Jan 25, 2015

Bet Shemesh to pay women for not removing tzniyus signs

Ynet and NRG are reporting that the court today decided in a long-open case regarding the women in Bet Shemesh who sued City Hall for not removing the "tzniyus signs" around town.

According to the report, the court ruled in the favor of the women against City Hall. Justice Dovid Gidoni ruled that City Hall failed in its responsibility by not removing the illegal signs. He awarded each of the four women 15,000nis, and court costs, to be paid by the City.

Gidoni said that failing to remove the signs damages the rights of the women of the city, and the City must therefore pay the women for the distress/aggravation caused by the signs and the Iryah's failure to act.

Considering recent reports of the bad financial state the City of Bet Shemesh is mired in, I wonder how long it will take them to get their money... or perhaps the ruling will be appealed..

regarding the ruling - it was decided that the signs, and the City's failure to remove them, caused harm to the women of the city. So, can more women now sue and get 15,000nis in return? was it only harmful to these four women? how does this work?

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