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Jan 26, 2015

Dov Lipman moves up a bit on Yesh Atid list

Yair Lapid has announced the party list for the coming Knesset.

The list has mostly stayed the same as the list from the last Knesset, with some minor changes -a few MKs have left politics, and a few others moved up slightly with a few moving down slightly.

While it seems the list is not yet 100% final, as of Lapid's announcement last night, Dov Lipman is placed in the #14 list, a boost from last elections slot at 19.
source: NRG

Based on current polls 14 is not realistic, but they have recently been improving in the polls, and it may become realistic before you know it. Last time Lipman was slated at 17 and it was thought to be unrealistic, and yet he made it in despite the polls.

As a friend, even though I am not a supporter of Yesh Atid, I with Rabbi Lipman the best and hope he gets in (though, despite it being contradictory, I don't necessarily want them to get 14 seats, but I would like to see Lipman get back in).

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  1. If it was up to you to choose which would you prefer? Lipman to get in or YA to not get 14?

  2. I am not rooting for Yesh Atid, so that;s your answer

  3. Looks like he's actually 17.

  4. yes. final list was announced a short while ago, and he remains in the 17th spot


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