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Jan 19, 2015

the socially-conscious Shas

Shas put out a good election video in which they highlight the 2 million transparent people in Israel - the 2 million poor we just ignore and do not even see. Shas wants to appear to be concerned about social welfare and is targeting the lower class, those living in the periphery towns of Israel.

and, along with that election video broadcast, Aryeh Deri posted to his Facebook account a comment about the government not having done anything for these "transparent" people but have now decided to implement, in part, Shas's plans and has raised minimum wage. he also says that Shas is making their joining a government conditional on raising the minimum wage to 30nis per hour and cancelling the VAT on basic necessity items.

It seems like Shas is taking a lot of credit but does not have the receipts to back it up. Or, they are all talk about helping the poor, but short on action.

According to this article in Kikar, they looked into the voting patterns of Aryeh Deri and Eli Yishai, and both were found to not really give a hoot about the poor. Their voting record on social issues is very weak. For exaple, neither Deri nor Yishai showed up or bothered voting when the Knesset voted on the proposed law to cancel VAT on basic food necessities, something Deri is championing as his idea. That is in addition to a list of other social law proposals that one or the other or neither bothered showing up to or voting for...

So, are they just undeservedly claiming the title of being concerned for the transparent, or do they really deserve the title (maybe on many other votes they really do vote strongly on those issues)?

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1 comment:

  1. Actually Shas is the true ENEMY of the involuntarily poor. They encourage legions of young, able-bodied haredim to go to Kollel, to become VOUNTARILY poor and to split the welfare budget with the involuntary poor. Any state (even Norway) has only limited resources for social welfare -- you can argue about the extent of those resources, but everyone would agree that if you dump VOLUNTARILY poor into the system, there must be less available for the INVOLUNTARILY poor.
    PS I did not even comment about their school system that offers at most a minimal poor secular education and does NOTHING to prepare the youth for work and supporting themselves. This actually PERPETUATES the poverty. So Shas is actually the LAST party that should talk about poverty.


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