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Jan 29, 2015

Haredi graphic artists are more talented than Saudi Arabian graphic artists

Merkel-Gate a few weeks ago set off a stream of scorn, mockery, ridicule, humor, criticism and anger at the Orthodox newspaper (Hamevasser) for editing out the women (most notably Angela Merkel) from the picture of the anti-terror rally in France.

Michelle Obama just went with her husband to Saudi Arabia to pay condolences after the death of King Abdullah. They could not edit her out of the images and video, so they blurred her out completely.

See the video..

I think they need to hire the Haredi graphic artists in Saudi Arabia who seem to be more talented than the Saudi Arabian graphic artists. The Merkel-gate picture did not look like anything was missing or altered (unless you gave it a close inspection), while clearly Saudi Arabia's work is noticeable.

Will news media around the world make spoofs and comments about this scene?

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1 comment:

  1. When religious Jews do this it's fanatic and hateful. When religious Muslims do it we're reminded to be culturally sensitive.


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