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Jan 27, 2015

Is that really his name?

The Chief Rabi of Iran recently published a ban on insulting Mohammed and he blamed the victims of the "Charlie Hebdo" terror attack for having insulted Mohammed.

It has been claimed that the Chief Rabbi was pressured to say this by the Iranian government.

What comes to light, though, and I did not know this before (maybe you did?) is that the name of the Chief Rabbi of Iran is Rabbi Ahmadinejad. Rabbi Mashallah Golestan Ahmadinejad, to be specific. same family name as that of the previous president of Iran, a rabid Jew and Israeli hater, founder of the nuclear program.

How rich is that? Rabbi Ahmadinejad criticizes and blames the victims of the terror massacre.

I am not meaning to criticize the Chief Rabbi, and what I said should not be taken that way. It is just commenting on the irony of the last name and it being used in this context. Any such criticism by the Chief Rabbi in this regard should be taken in context, as having come out from within a terror regime and was almost definitely dictated to him with his instructions to make such a statement.

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  1. Actually, I recall seeing an article somewhere speculating that the former Prez himself is Jewish. Apparently Ahmadinejad is a Jewish name in Iran.

  2. Also recall reading that article. Believe he is most probably of Jewish descent. Meharsayich um'harivayich mimenu yeitzu


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