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Jan 14, 2015

give credit where credit is due?

One of the main focuses of Yesh Atid in this last Knesset was to get the Haredi community more out into the workplace than they previously were.

The Central Bureau of Statistics released today some new numbers.

According to the CBS, in 2013 the percentage of Haredi men (between the ages of 25-64) in the workplace went up to 56%. Previously it had fluctuated between 40% and 50% in the ten years prior.

The percentage of Haredi women went up to 68% when it has previously been at about 50%.

So, do we give credit for this to Yesh Atid or was it a natural movement and change that was already in process anyway?

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  1. Probably a bit of both. Despite the monolithic face their PR hacks like to present, I would think many Chareidim want a better life for themselves and their families. The Yesh Atid initiatives were a small push to move them forward.

  2. They did give a deferment to any chareidim over 24 so I would imagine many people who were stuck working in cash Jobs like working for yeshivas etc are now able to actually get a normal job that posts well. All those job transfers are bec of the yeah atid legislation. I can't stand the party but at leas they did this...

  3. First off, I am definitely FOR everyone doing what he can to be a part of the workforce. Of the very broken Kollel system though, I would be happy to support the top of the top to learn 75% of their days. But, everyone else? No.

    That being said, let us not forget the anti-Torah/indoctrination agenda of Yair Lapid. Let not forget the motivation behind each and everyone of his actions.

    Do we really want to participate in this, even if we like some of all of the current results? Key word: "current."

    And, yes, whether they know it or not, those Yesh Atid MK's with kippas on their heads are colaboraters in this, too. They think that they are simply pushing their anti-Haredi cultural agenda, but they have been contributing to this battle of Lapid's.

  4. Lapid and all his crew are really just tools. Paradigm shift means overcoming the yetzer hara. What do i mean? Well, the yetzer hara told the Haredim that it would be best to continue the ghetto lifestyle here in Israel and it was also convenient for the rest of the country too, to not have to serve alongside, meet in the workplace with them, not have Haredim take jobs, and also for the haredim not to have leadership aspirations. The Mamlachtim datiim were given a chance but their limelight will last briefly for a generation. Along comes Hashem and says, now is the time for the Haredim to get ready to lead. And how does Hashem do that? By sending some bullies to roughen them up and force them to leave the ghetto. The 'seculars' (not talking about the majority of regular traditional Israelis) think they are going to force the Haredim into assimilation, but while they might have some tactical victories, the demographics of the Haredim are just too strong. Haredim will send more and more kids to the army. More and more adults will join the workforce and at the beginning, push out uneducated from the low income jobs, and then further on, into the office jobs too.

    The just released BY list is also a potential sign of the quick rise and fall of the mamlachtim. The list is heavy on parve and not Haredi friendly. if they do not realize they have to cooperate with the Haredim, they will also leave the stage sooner than later.

  5. I am sure that Dov Lipman can take credit for this - and rightly so. Yair Lapid does not appear to be ANTI-Chareidi as such, asking them to do their share is not being anti. And along with Dov, this really helps the chareidim a lot. Having said that, any bragging about it poltically is really rubbing their nose in it, and will have the opposite effect.

  6. Josh, You may very well be right, and I think that you are right to point out who made, and didn't make, the BY list.

    And, Meir,....

    Re: "asking them to do their share is not being anti" I agree.

    I just don't think that either of these are reasons to cheer for Lapid (No, neither of you said that.), nor should we remove our suspicion of him.

    He may be used as a tool, but that doesn't mean that we should stop fighting him and his agenda leKhathillah.

    And speaking of tools,..I'm stil working on my Dov Lipman piece. Stay tuned.

  7. Esser, perhaps we should let Lipman just step off the political stage quietly. I hope for his sake and Aliza Lavi's that other frum people learn from their mistake of joining the anti-Haredi one man party.


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