Apr 6, 2021

I don't understand

I don't understand.

1. I don't understand what Bennett is doing. If he wanted a Netanyahu government, he could have recommended Netanyahu to the President, instead of recommending himself. If he wanted a Lapid government, or a non-Netanyahu government, he could have recommended Lapid to the President instead of recommending himself (and he has done so previously). If he wanted to be Prime Minister and really thought he could with just 7 mandates, Lapid agreed to make him PM, he would just have to recommend Lapid. Does he want to be PM with 7 mandates but leading a Netanyahu government? What else could he possibly want that he did not already have the chance to achieve? Even if he joins Netanyahu and gets massive concessions from Bibi, that still does not give Bibi a government, unless he can also bring in Saar which seems unlikely.

So I don't understand Benett. I wonder if he has a massive rabbit in his hat (which he doesn't wear) or an ace up his sleeve and cannot wait to see what it is. Nothing else makes sense at this point.

2. I also don't understand what Saar is doing. He recommended nobody. He is refusing to join a Netanyahu government, and he refused to recommend Lapid or Bennett. So what does he want and what does he expect to happen? What is he willing to do and what type of government is he willing to join?

The only thing that sort of makes sense is if the two of them, both Bennett and Saar, are rejecting the Netanyahu coalition and the Lapid coalition and think they can somehow create a coalition led by them with the support/cooperation of Shas and UTJ along with Lapid. That still does not give them enough mandates to form a government, even if it could possibly happen, which is extremely unlikely and has already been rejected by the Haredi parties, so they would need to add parties such as either Labor or Lieberman - and the Haredim have already rejected sitting with them and some of them have rejected sitting with the Haredim. So they might be trying to work something like this out, but it does not seem to be a realistic possibility.

In general, and this does not apply to (or maybe applies less to) Bennett or Saar but to many of the other politicians involved in trying to form government coalitions, maybe stop bad-mouthing the people you might need tomorrow as partners. Likud and Smotritch have spent weeks bad-mouthing Bennett and Saar. Not that Bennett wont join a Likud government just because Likud has been bad-mouthing him, but it definitely adds to the complexity of the situations and makes it more complicated.

I am just waiting to see what rabbit Bennett is going to pull out of his hat, if he even has one. Nothing he is doing right now makes sense.

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  1. 1. Bennett appears to be back to being his wishy washy self. I have no idea what he is trying to do outside of not committing to anything, so he can seize an opportunity that falls in his lap.

    2. I saw a report that explained Saar's strategy. By not nominated Lapid, it leaves an opening for Lapid not to automatically be the 2nd choice, should Bibi fail to form a Government.

    3. Yisrael Betaynu submitted Lapid as their recommendation. They made it a point that they had the option to change their mind in the future. I found that curious. Perhaps is goes along with point #2.

  2. A possible strategy is to wait to have the justification to join Lapid saying there was no choice other than a fifth election

    1. supposedly last night Bennett said something similar to this, based on anonymous quotes from senior Yamina people, but I still dont get it. Netanyahu has already failed 3 times in this, and we see the current numbers it is almost definite he will fail once again, especially if Bennett has no intention of helping Netanyahu form the coalition. So why wait and give him a chance again?

  3. assuming Lapid's offer to Bennett to be PM first in a rotation was serious and true, it is hard to understand how Bennett could turn that down, considering his expressed desire to be PM, and this basically his only chance to do that (after all, he does only have 7 mandates)


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