Dec 6, 2021

Tweet of the Day

every. single. night. (just replace chopstick with wooden skewer or back of matchstick)

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  1. For most of that time, people used oil lamps, which are not at all hard to clean out. Just use tweezers to take out the wicks, and maybe a towel to wipe up the oil.

    Paraffin is a lot harder to clean. But relevantly recent in usage.

    I have gone over to oil not only for Chanukkah but also Shabbos. Makes much less of a mess.

  2. Boiling water just washes wax away.

    1. true but do you really clean it like this on a daily basis? we do this at the end of Chanukah, but not during...

    2. Careful, use the hot water only for the residual wax.
      If used for larger chunks, when it goes down the drain and re-solidifies inside the drain pipes, it could mess up your plumbing.


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