Jun 27, 2007

8 things about me

MizEllie from EllieTalk tagged me recently to do this meme where I have to write 8 things about myself.

I am not very big on memes, and was leaning towards not doing this one, when my wife told me she would like me to do it. I guess she is curious what I would write.

So, here goes:

The Rules are:
  1. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.
  2. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.
  3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
My habits:
  1. I eat my pets. That is, as long as it is a kosher species of animal. That means my son's rabbit is safe. I have eaten pet ducks, chicken, and goose. I do not think the sheep count, though they were alive in my car for about an hour before I slaughtered them. They were not in my possession long enough to qualify as "pet".
  2. I am not very imaginative or creative, so I have a hard time thinking of good things for a list like this.
  3. I have this feeling that I have a book inside of me. No, not something I ate by mistake, and not like the magazine my son's rabbit ate once. Rather, a book that I need to write. I am just not yet sure what the topic of the book is. I guess, for now, my blog(s) is (are) my book.
  4. I can't stand the sight of blood. Yeah, this one does not make sense, considering my shechting habits. But it is true. Animal blood does not bother me, but human blood does. I cannot stand up close by a bris. I decided one time, after I was well into the shechita stuff, that I would look at and watch a bris I was at, considering bris is considered a natural continuation of shechita, but as soon as it began, I had to turn away.
  5. I like, more or less, sticking to routine, and schedule. I dislike surprises, and I dislike things that make me change my routine. Especially when they crop up at the last minute. Sometimes it can't be avoided, but oftentimes it can. I deal with it, but I like to keep to routine and to schedule.
  6. I never pick up "call waiting". I hate it. I consider it rude. What makes the second call more important than the first? They can call back. if I am expecting an important call, I will not put one on hold and pick up the second, but will tell the first that I have to go. And if somebody puts me on hold to pick up a "call waiting", I will usually hang up.
  7. I pretty much do my own thing. If I feel something is right and appropriate (and I want to do it), I do it, even if it goes against social norms. I should add, to my wife's chagrin.. :-). And if I feel something is wrong, I won't do it, even if everybody else does.
  8. I am not big on following all the rules, in any given situation. "Most of the rules" is usually enough for me. That is why I am not going to tag any other bloggers (rule 3, see above)!! That is, as long as it is not a competitive sport or anything like that, where I would get an unfair advantage. I will not cheat, let alone at someone else's expense. But as long as it is just me and I am trying to do something, I will often "wing it" to a certain extent.
As I said, I am not tagging anybody. But if you want to do play along and write your own post on this meme, feel free...


  1. Maybe the turning away at the bris had to do with the fact that you're a guy. I bet you can watch blood being donated. (In light of this, extra thanks on your help after our bris!)

  2. I knew I liked your wife. Thank you Mrs. G! And thanks Rafi for filling it out. I never would have guessed number 4 in light of number 1!! I can completely relate to your last three - I feel exactly the same.

  3. yoni - yeah, I guess you are sort of right, bot only sort of. It might not really be the blood. But I cringe looking at any injury or cut that looks painful on a person. On the other hand, when driving by an road accident, I always look fro blood...

  4. pretty cool. I should try this one one day.

  5. I have almost the same habits, except I don't eat my pets. I don't know baked dog with teriyaki sauce or fried cat a la carte wouldn't taste so good. lol.

  6. Nice list. The blood thing is interesting.

  7. Wow impressive that rafi did a meme interesting stuff.

  8. Glad you did the meme! Nice answers!


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